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This class is taught by:

Adriana Lee

Adriana was first introduced to yoga at the age of nine, then again at 13, and again and again until finally the practice stuck with her like glue. Yoga taught her to see past the delusions and illusions of this life. It showed her the sweetness hidden beneath the gears of the daily grind. At 23, Adriana packed her bags and went to Spain for her 200 Hour RYT in Vinyasa Yoga at Frog Lotus Yoga's center Suryalila. She returned to her hometown Las Vegas, NV and studied an additional 50 hours of Forrest yoga under Heba Saab of HIBS Yoga. She continued her training with Heba by assisting and acting as a mentor to her 200 Hour trainees. Truly, she keeps learning every time she steps on to the mat. Her intention when she teaches is to share what she's learned about the magic of movement, and the bliss of being.

GiGi Brandofino

GiGi found yoga through free classes offered at her local 24 Hour Fitness while living in San Francisco, CA. The very first class brought her to tears for the entire hour in a room full of strangers. These were tears of joy for she’d finally found this missing internal link. No stranger to anxiety and depression, the practice became her saving grace during these undesirable moments of life. The greatest gift that yoga gives her is this moment right here, right now; the more she focuses on her breath, the more control she has over everything.

Upon moving back to South Florida, she found Evolution Yoga and was immediately drawn to teaching. In October 2017 she earned her 200 RYT certification in Hatha with Vikky Santana (RYT 500) at Evolution Yoga.

From a background of language and literature with a Bachelor of Arts in English, this fusion of mind, body, and spirit appeals to her in many forms. Her intention with teaching is to guide others towards self liberation through creative expression.

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Join GiGi Brandofino for a truly chill, intimate yoga experience using CBD oils throughout the practice to enhance each pose, allowing your muscles to melt into the mat.

Class is limited to 20 people.
Each student will take home their own sample of the Blue Ridge Hemp Co. CBD products, more understanding of how the products could benefit them, and a peacefully content body + mind.

(All products are, eco friendly, cruelty free, vegan and non GMO)


Class is $20. Limited to 20 people.

ABOUT Blue Ridge Hemp CBD products:

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a key component of Cannabis Sativa L., accounting for many of the plant’s natural health benefits. It’s the second most prominent phytocannabinoid in the Cannabis Sativa L. plant. CBD is a pleiotropic component meaning it produces many effects through multiple molecular pathways.

CBD is not psychoactive, habit forming or addictive.
The CBD in our products is derived from Industrial Hemp. Industrial Hemp is Cannabis that produces less than 0.3% THC; the psychoactive component of the plant. CBD derived from Industrial Hemp can be legally purchased and used throughout the United States.