GiGi Brandofino

GiGi found yoga through free classes offered at her local 24 Hour Fitness while living in San Francisco, CA. The very first class brought her to tears for the entire hour in a room full of strangers. These were tears of joy for she’d finally found this missing internal link. No stranger to anxiety and depression, the practice became her saving grace during these undesirable moments of life. The greatest gift that yoga gives her is this moment right here, right now; the more she focuses on her breath the more control she has over everything. Upon moving back to South Florida, she found Evolution and was immediately drawn to teaching. From a background of language and literature with a Bachelor of Arts in English, this fusion of mind, body, and spirit appeals to her in many forms. Her intention through teaching is to guide others towards self liberation through creative expression.

GiGi Brandofino instructs the following:
  • Love Set 60 (Heated)
  • This intelligently sequenced class is set to 105 degrees with 40% humidity and inspired by the original 84 postures of the Ghosh Yoga method. Students can expect consistency in class structure as well as instruction for both deepening and modifying, as well as clear precise instruction for entering and exiting poses. Benefits include:
    stronger, toned muscles, general sense of well-being (physical and psychological), improved flexibility, increased mental clarity, detoxification (through sweat), alleviating many ailments including stress, arthritis, muscular pain, insomnia, and asthma, potential
    for weight loss. This class is accessible to all levels and body types.

  • Kids Yoga Ages 4-8
  • Our kid’s class is the perfect outlet for tuning in and unwinding after a busy day of school. Kids will learn challenging postures and a more flowing type of yoga that will help them calm their minds and strengthen their bodies. Partner poses and group games encourage kids to make new friends and sense a feeling of community. We work on building self-confidence and self-awareness. A great class for gaining tools to help deal with stressful situations and everyday life.

  • Yin (Non-Heated)
  • In Yin Yoga, poses are held for several minutes at a time in order to the stretch the connective tissue around the joints. In the deep stretching class you can expect to lay back, relax, and de-stress.

  • All Levels Vinyasa (Non-Heated)
  • Vinyasa or often referred to as flow yoga is unique in the smooth way that the poses run together and become like a dance. Each movement is linked to either an inhale or an exhale. This class is great for all levels.

  • New Moon. New You.
  • New moon, new you.

    Come & cultivate your intentions this new moon with GiGi Brandofino!

    About the class by GiGi: 'Join me for a Crystal themed Vinyasa Flow as we welcome this next moon cycle. Learn how crystals can enhance your life through their unique benefits and healing energy. We will discuss how to cleanse, care, and interact with these magical gems along with a brief discussion of their roots. Dance with the rhythm of the moon all while engaging with Mother Nature’s natural healers.'

    This community event is free for everyone, however you still need to sign up in advance to reserve your spots! If you sign up and cancel, there is.a $5 fee.
    Please bring your friends and family to try this class for FREE!

  • New Moon. New You. (Sign Up Under ENROLLMENTS)
  • Please register under enrollments!
    The new moon is the time to set your intentions! Join us for an evening of cleansing, flowing, intention setting, and connection, powered by the energy of the new moon and crystals. Come together as a community to release stuck energy and invite in fresh, healthy energy into your life.

    This community event is free for all members. Feel free to bring a friend with you!

    Please register under enrollments!